America’s Journey for Justice is Coming!

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America’s Journey for Justice

Our number one priority is people to join the march and rally. We want YOU in person! However, we also need support in the form of meals, supplies, etc.

Please fill out this quick survey link and someone will contact you.

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The March will arrive in DC on 9/16. If you have questions, contact:
Virginia NAACP Unit Journey Attendance Liaison: 
Drusilla Bridgeforth at 804-338-5930 or
  (Responsible for coordinating NAACP branch and partner attendance at the Journey)

Virginia NAACP Y/C unit Journey Attendance Liaison: 
Lynetta Thompson at (804) 982-8072 or   

(Responsible for coordinating NAACP Y/C unit and partner attendance at the Journey)

Partner Organization Liaison: Cynthia Downs-Taylor at (757) 237-7033 or     (Responsible for facilitating organizational involvement in VA)