Protocol for presenting issues to the President and the Executive Committee

Dear Members :

I would like to remind everyone that we do have a protocol for presenting issues to the President and the Executive Committee. The Secretary shared copies of the procedure at the April meeting. (A reminder of the accepted protocol is below).

We definitely are interested in the concerns of our members, and we will respond to your concerns after reviewing what they might be. One thing to remember, we are  a civil rights organization!

I apologize for not reminding members who were not present when we discussed the protocol in earlier meetings, and, for our new members, we need to make sure that you are aware of the process. This process allows an opportunity for all members to have a voice, and avoids the monopolizing of time by more vocal members.

We find that once we abide by NAACP rules, whether or not we agree with them, it serves to allow us to operate in an orderly and productive manner.

We are currently making plans for our major fund raising event for the year, the Freedom Fund Banquet. I sincerely hope that all members will be active in supporting this event. More information regarding the Freedom Fund Banquet  will be sent to members. If you have questions, please let our Secretary know. I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


Janette Boyd Martin, President


MOTION (Protocol) 

1)  Every resolution must be in writing, and presiding officers in their sole discretion, may require any main motion, amendment, or instructions to a committee to be in writing.

2) If the membership desires to transact business out of the order specified in the agenda, it is necessary to suspend the rules, which requires a two-thirds vote to carry.  A motion to suspend the rules is not required to be in writing.  2/3 members present

3) Business may be postponed, in the sole discretion of presiding officers, to permit referral of the matter to the Executive Committee at its next scheduled meeting.  Any postponed business will be taken up at the following general meeting of the membership as an item of unfinished business.

4) The following is the regular order of business for general meetings of the membership.  Agendas shall be approved by a majority vote of the membership at the start of each general meeting of the membership.
  (1) Approval of the agenda
  (2) Reading the Minutes of the previous meeting (and their approval).
  (3) Reports of Boards and Standing Committees.
  (4) Reports of Special (Select) Committees.
  (5) Unfinished Business
  (6) New Business