NAACP Referenced in the Hiring of the Charlottesville, Virginia Police Chief

At the Charlottesville, VA. City Council meeting held on December 5, 2022, it was said that the NAACP provided a reference in the selection of Michael Kochis. Documentation of that conversation between Interim City Manager Michael Rodgers and Mayor Lloyd Snook is on record  and was reported in the Daily Progress December 6, 2022, that” Kochis received references from Warrenton’s Chapters of “Black Lives Matter and the NAACP”.

The NAACP referenced in the article is officially listed as the Fauquier County Branch of the NAACP. There is no chapter of the NAACP in Warrenton which is in Fauquier County.

The references mentioned is the reason for the Albemarle-Charlottesville Branch of the NAACP to clarify what has been stated, The NAACP did not make a reference nor did they endorse any police chief or candidate for office on any level. All official business of any branch/unit is conducted by the Executive Committee in its entirety. and will be documented on the letterhead of the NAACP. and not in a conversation with an officer or member of a branch/ unit.

                   Albemarle- Charlottesville NAACP Executive Committee