News Release: NAACP Holds First Canvas of Sandtown/Winchester Section of Baltimore

NAACP Holds First Canvas of Sandtown/Winchester Section of Baltimore

(Baltimore, MD) — Tuesday, May 11th, the NAACP Baltimore Branch with the support of the Maryland State Conference and NAACP National office staff, led the first canvas of the Sandtown/Winchester neighborhood.  Over 50 volunteers, from Baltimore City, Baltimore County and other neighboring locales, convened to knock on doors and let Freddie Gray’s community know that the NAACP Baltimore Branch Satellite office is open and ready to serve the community by recording complaints of police misconduct.  Monday, the Department of Justice opened up a “pattern and practice” investigation in Baltimore City.  The NAACP intends to collect complaints of police misconduct while in a safe environment and turn those witnessed reports in to the Department of Justice.  Every other Tuesday, the NAACP will be canvassing the neighborhood to inform the community about the services available at the NAACP Baltimore Branch satellite office at 1135 N. Gilmor Street, Baltimore, MD.  Volunteers may sign up to volunteer here: or text BALTIMORE to 62227.

From Cornell William Brooks, NAACP President & CEO:

Our commitment to rebuilding, restoring and addressing the social and economic challenges in the Sandtown community is ongoing and this canvassing effort is only the beginning of the many more resources and opportunities that we look forward to connecting members of the Sandtown community to.  We thank our NAACP Baltimore Branch for their leadership and are eager to continue working towards achieving criminal justice reform — particularly police accountability and transparency and economic development throughout the city of Baltimore.”

From Tessa Hill-Aston, NAACP Baltimore Branch President:

The underlining idea behind the NAACP Baltimore branch satellite office was to bring our advocacy efforts directly to the Sandtown/Winchester community. Canvassing is the best and most effective way to bring our news to the people.  In the wake of the Freddie Gray tragedy, we have shifted our focus from outrage to action and helping build the Sandtown community. The Baltimore Branch of the NAACP is going to work to build and support this community at this pivotal point for our city, as we have done for our long history here in Baltimore City.
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