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Q- It will be hot and marching is hard on my feet, will you be able to accommodate those of us that have mobility issues/ are not in the best shape?
A- Marchers will be followed at all times by buses so that you can take breaks as you see fit. There are mandatory rotations every couple miles to make sure everyone stays fresh, and we will be giving out water and snacks every mile. As a point of reference, we have had marchers well over 70 years old walk with us.

Q- Will we have bathroom access?
A- There is a bathroom at the back of each following bus, and there may be other bathrooms at stops.

Q- What do we need to bring?
A- Once you fill out the survey, we will send you a checklist, however, meals are included in your stay.

Q- Can I meet you along the route?
A- The best way to engage is to arrive at the anchor location. We will take you with us in the morning and drop you off in the evening.