Tell Charlottesville City Council: It’s time for Robert E. Lee to go!

A court ruling in Danville and the recent action of Governor Terry McAuliffe have cleared the way for Charlottesville to be able to remove the giant statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from Charlottesville downtown.

As members of the Charlottesville community, we demand the removal of this offensive memorial to a man who led the Confederate cause to maintain the enslavement of our ancestors and those of our neighbors.

The time to act is now!

Contact City Council today by emailing or leave a message for all city councilors by calling: 434-970-3113. 

Mayor Mike Signer
Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy
Bob Fenwick
Kathy Galvin
Kristin Szakos

Robert E. Lee never came to Charlottesville and was never a part of our local history.  This statue was erected for the sole purpose of celebrating the Confederacy and establishing the supremacy of its cause.  It has no place in our community. 

Tell Charlottesville City Council: It's time for Robert E. Lee to go!