Direct Advocacy Training flyer

The NAACP regularly trains its members, volunteers, and citizens in communities in Virginia and America about how to properly conduct meaningful community -based Direct Advocacy activities.

Direct Advocacy training sessions are opportunities for like–minded citizens to come together and better understand how to let their unified voices be heard about specific topics, community concerns and at times the not-so-nice actions and ideas of others.

During Direct Action training participants are provided instructions on how to properly ensure that their unified presence has a positive impact in their communities, and voices are heard in opposition to negative ideas and actions of others while keeping themselves out of harm’s way-if needed.

As well, Direct Advocacy training participants are counseled on very active, yet peaceful, involvement in public discourse and dialog as methods to sway the opinions and ideas of others.

The NAACP does not at all promote nor condone aggressive actions, confrontation nor vile acts by anyone!

In conducting a local Direct Advocacy training session, the Albemarle- Charlottesville NAACP is pleased to respond to many calls by our members, along with scores of very concerned citizens, who have asked us to help them better understand how to properly respond to past and upcoming groups who have come into the Albemarle- Charlottesville community.

Janette B. Martin, President