Virginia NAACP Commends General Assembly on Passage of HB1890 Virginia Voting Rights Act

Former Confederate Capital Poised to Become First Southern State with Voting Rights Act

RICHMOND – Virginia State Conference NAACP (Virginia NAACP) President Robert N. Barnette, Jr. issued the following statement regarding yesterday’s passage of House Bill 1890, the Virginia Voting Rights Act:

“Following decades of regressive voter suppression on the state and national levels, the Virginia NAACP is thrilled that our Commonwealth is just one signature away from enacting a historic Voting Rights Act.

Protections included in this landmark legislation will prevent voter suppression tactics by requiring pre-approval of certain changes to election procedures, protecting voters from threats and intimidation at the polls, and allowing civil action as possible recourse. The Virginia Voting Rights Act is poised to be an impenetrable shield of protection for the voting rights of Black Virginians and Virginians of color when enacted. 

We are unequivocally proud of Delegate Marcia Price and Senator Jennifer McClellan for championing this Virginia NAACP priority legislation, and applaud members of the General Assembly who voted in favor of this comprehensive bill.

The Virginia NAACP looks forward to the Governor’s swift action to sign this bill into law, thereby making Virginia the first state in the South to pass a state-level Voting Rights Act.